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A Complete Fly Fishing
Experience on Local waters.

I have had a passion for the outdoors since I was a child.  I grew up camping and fishing with my family and the passion for fishing; especially fly fishing, has gained momentum in my adult life.  I have fished many different waterways in several states, and have lived in the Cincinnati area for the last 20 years.  Most wouldn't think that the tri-state is a destination for fly fishing - but surprise!  - it is.  Lake Erie tribs are some of the best steelhead fishing in the country.  Within an hour of my house are two fantastic rivers to fly fish for trout;   the Mad River (Ohio) is one, and the Tailwaters of Brookville (Indiana) is the other.  I find myself fishing these waterways every free moment  I have.  This is why I have decided to take my experience and share it with you.  Every day on the water is different, the fish may be as picky on what to eat as my three daughters are for dinner. The surrounding view changes with the seasons  and the wildlife is all around.  You may see a deer with her fawns early in the morning or a bald eagle soaring down the river.

I would like to share my passion and offer my experience to you on these two waterways!  

Walk in Trip $300.00 per Angler. Each additional Angler add $125.00 per Day Trip.  Maximum of Three Anglers.           Half day / Evening fishing also available.



Package Options

We Offer guided trips for Trout on both the Brookville Tail Water and The Mad River.  Our Season is year round.  We offer full day weekend trips and evening half day trips daylight permitting.  If you are wanting a guide for a weekday trip, they can be arranged as well with our partner guides.  Our guided trips are Wade Trip Only.  If you would like a float trip on the Mad River, this can also be arranged with our partner guides.

What you should bring:

*Fly rod and reel - 3-6 wt. based on location and flow

*Waders/Boots - felt with cleats are advised

*Seasonally appropriate clothing, hat, and raingear if needed based on forecast

*Polarized Sunglasses, fishing vest, waist/sling pack is recommended to carry necessary extras. ex: sunscreen, insect repellent, medications or dietary needs. Oh, did I mention a Camera.

*State Fishing License/Trout Stamp for each client.

What we Provide:

*Gear can be provided with prior arrangement. Waders/boots typically not.

*Streamside box lunch/snack can be provided, This can be discussed when we book the trip. 

*We carry plenty of flies, however it is expected that you bring a selection of the basics for the time of year fished.

We do not require a deposit, however we require a call 24hrs prior to the fishing date to confirm your trip and to verify weather/water conditions for your safety.  Recommendations of gear, flies and location to meet will be discussed at this time. 513-310-9635.

Guided trips are based on an eight hour day. Tipping of guides is appreciated. 

We choose to practice, "Catch and Release". Keeping of fish can be discussed upon booking based on Fishing Regulations of that State.

Links and Regulations for Indiana and Ohio


Indiana Fishing Information: 


Fishing License Online:


Regulation Summary
(Rainbow, Brown and Brook Trout)
Open season for streams: Last Saturday in April,
after 6:00 a.m. local time through December 31.
Open season for inland lakes: See details below.
Bag limit: 5
Minimum size limit: 7 inches
Brown Trout Fishing Regulations on selected waters:
Anglers may not possess brown trout at Oliver, Olin and Martin Lakes, LaGrange County, and Whitewater River below Brookville Reservoir dam (Franklin Co.) unless the trout is 18 inches or longer. The daily bag limit is five trout but no more than one shall be a brown trout. These regulations are intended to increase the number of large trout available to anglers.
The Oliver Lake Chain brown trout were purchased and stocked by the Northeastern Indiana Trout Association


Ohio Trout Fishing Information:



Fishing License Online:


Regulation Summary

Trout (all species)  - Mad River and its tributaries, Clear Fork River and its tributaries, Clear Creek from the first Fairfield County Road 69 bridge (east of the junction of County Roads 26 and 69) to U.S. Route 33 bridge in Hocking County 2 - 12 inches
Brook Trout  - Chagrin River & its tributaries (Geauga Co.), Rocky River & its tributaries (Medina Co.) Possession is Prohibited.
Trout & Salmon - Cold Creek (upstream of State Route 2 in Erie County) & Beaver Creek (Seneca County) 5 - (singly or in combination) no minimum size


USGS WaterWatch - US Current Streamflow:





Match your Fly Rod/Line Weight 

-to what Fly Size Range you plan to Fish

                              Rod/Line Weight                Fly Size Range

                                                     3                                                 12-28    

                                                     4                                                 10-26

                                                     5                                                  8-24

                                                     6                                                  6-20

                                                     7                                                  4-16

                                                     8                                                 1/0-12

                                                     9                                                 2/0-10

                                                    10                                                 3/0-8

                                                    11                                                 4/0-6

                                                    12                                                 6/0-4

*This is just a guideline, size of water, length of cast and species of fish also come into play.

Clubs and Organizations

Buckeye United FlyFIshers,Inc.                    http://www.buckeyeflyfishers.com/index.htm

Miami Valley Fly Fishers                                   http://mvff.tripod.com/

Madmen Chapter -Trout Unlimited           http://www.tumadmen.org/index.shtml

Central Indiana - Trout Unlimited               http://www.centralindianatu.org/ 

Trout Unlimited                                                     http://www.tu.org/ 

Federation of Fly Fishers                                 http://www.fedflyfishers.org/ 

Indianapolis Fly Casters                                   http://www.indyflycasters.com/



August 19, 2015 · 

Todd, thanks for a great day of fishing! You're a first rate guide.


Randy Scott reviewed Wanafish - Fly Fishing Guide Services5 star

September 20, 2015 · 

A big thanks to Todd McGarvey for his participation in the Project Healing Waters outing this weekend on the Brookville Dam Tail waters. The time we spent with him was very entertaining, informative, and just plain enjoyable. I have fished with many professional guides, and Todd will rank as one of the best. He knows his stuff and has a great deal of patience. If you are after the opportunity to learn about the tail waters and probably catch some fish, this should be your guy. I hopefully I will find some time this fall during archery season to sneak in another trip with Todd myself. Thanks again sir.

Hendry Keck reviewed Wanafish - Fly Fishing Guide Services5 star

June 18, 2016 · 

Thanks Todd, for setting me up for the nice browns! Fishing was tough as no one else on the river was catching much, but you knew where the fish were hiding! Thanks for all the tips and coaching and I am glad to have you as my guide for the trip, highly recommended guide for anyone who wants to get that trophy brown or rainbow trout here in Brookville Indiana! Looking forward to fishing with you again soon!

Evan Brown reviewed Wanafish - Fly Fishing Guide Services5 star

October 3, 2017  

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Two Local Waters

Brookville Tailwater

The River is officially called the East Fork Whitewater River.  It originates at the Brookville Dam and travels about 2.25 miles until it empties in the White Water River. 

The Mad River fishes well for trout from Urbana to Zanesfield, Ohio.


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